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08 November 2018
By Dr Alice Miller, International Pole & Line Foundation

Indonesia’s small-scale, ‘one-by-one’ (pole & line, handline and troll) tuna fisheries are vitally important for the coastal communities that are dependent on their tuna resources. The leads for Project 5 are Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) and the International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF), who are a UK-based charity working to develop, support and promote socially and environmentally responsible one-by-one tuna fisheries around the world. A key contibuting organisation is the University of Technology, Sydney. Together, the project is aiming to understand the social and economic factors that must be considered when measuring the value of the small-scale fishing sector, to understand the diverse ways this sector contributes to the local communities.
This project is in the development stages. Together with researchers and fisheries experts both in Indonesia and internationally we have been developing the research framework and methodology and intend to start primary data collection in 2019.
This work is important to assist in guiding decisions affecting the management of coastal tuna resources in Indonesia that is reflective of local community needs as well as identifying new opportunities. Furthermore, the methodology being developed is not limited to one type of fishery in Indonesia but will provide an entry point to further in depth social and economic analysis of tuna fisheries throughout Indonesia, and in the wider Blue Communities research sites. This will help to validate the robustness of the Project 5 research findings, and analyse the cumulative contributions of small-scale tuna fisheries across Indonesia and other one-by-one fisheries.

(Image courtesy of the International Pole & Line Foundation)
Project 5: Small-scale coastal tuna fisheries management
Project lead: Dr Alice Miller (International Pole & Line Foundation), Co-lead: Dr Eleni Papathanasopoulou (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)
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